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warped tour

warped tour was so cool. lauren and i got there, and we just kind of walked around for a bit, feeling the scene and what not. the first band we went to was d.o.r.k., this cute band from colorado. they were on the small stage, but they were really adorable. then lauren wanted to go mosh, so we went into the back of the crowd for the offspring [by the way, they were one of the best performers]. kept walking around for a while, lauren tried to catch a candy in her mouth to get a free cd, but instead got soaked by a guy with a water gun. just chilled for a bit, and sat down for a while. we saw quite a few people we knew!

then we went to fall out boy, which was pretty much awesome. they were the only band that i could really sing along with all their songs. listened to all american rejects in the stage next to us, then we went to get some food. sat in the stands for a while [during the starting line and dropkick murphies] before we got the energy to get up. so we bought our food, then walked around looking for free stuff. we met the lead singer of d.o.r.k. at this point, too, and he was really fun. SO! my chemical romance. we went back into the crowd for that, and that was pretty much scary as all hell. everyone went crazy, and no one could stand up.

ok so up to this point, lauren had kind of been mentioning that she wanted to crowd surf, so i asked these two guys if they would lift her up, and they agreed. lauren goes up in the air, is surfing for about 4 seconds, and then disappears. she starts making her way back, but by then the guys had lifted me up too, so i was going farther away from her. i get back to lauren and she looks kind of dazed... as it is, she got dropped on her head and blacked out for a second. she starts saying things like "243" and "Caitlin Oliver," so i decided that maybe we should get out of the dense parts of the crowd. we wait by the exit during the transplants, then leave. it was great.
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