S4R4H !! (lastdecember) wrote,
S4R4H !!

an update on my life

  • for two weeks, my parents secretly monitored my driving habits by putting a computer chip in my car. they werent happy with what they were seeing, so i lost my car for a week. after getting it back, they installed an alarm that beeps 5 of the most annoying beeps imaginable when i brake or accelerate too hard. its still in, but i hope that it will soon be gone.
  • thanksgiving was really good. i didn't get irritated by my family once.
  • im almost completely positive that i am going to ASU. hopefully barrett honors college, if i am accepted.
  • my birthday is coming up on the third. yes, i'll be 17. what an accomplishment! -eye roll-
  • school is still as stressful as ever. now all i see is a looming calc BC AP test. gag.
  • i bought a scarf today, and it makes me ridiculously happy.
  • i saw walk the line today with lauren and hana. while it was a good movie, and interesting, it was just too damn long. haha. i'd reccomend it if you feel like sitting. on the subject of movies, i got a pizza at the movies today. there was too much sauce on it, but all in all it was better than i expected it to be. just in case you were wondering. :D
  • i love myspace. i have a new myspace picture, and i love myspace.
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