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um whoa.

i had totally forgotten about this thing. weird, isn't it? i came back and was looking through all this stuff...really freaked me out. anyway, i thought i'd write again for old time's sake.

i'm a freshman at ASU now. it's pretty amazing. i'm rooming with lauren, and we get along well. i have this compulsive need to clean every other day. sean and i had our half year anniversary yesterday, but we kind of forgot about it. we spent it watching the office in his dorm room all day. i love my classes, especially my photo class. it's great.

i've got a lot of things that i currently want to buy. namely, i want to buy a lensbaby and i want to start building a charity charm bracelet. i would probably start one and then buy a new charm every month. i'd start getting a hold of these things now, however, i have no money.

i've been super into lost lately. it's amazing. the season three premiere was, pretty much, the greatest hour of my life.

other than that, i just miss my family. i see them every so often though, so i suppose that's good. at least i'm still in state. anyway...comment if you want. haha. that is, if anyone even reads this.
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