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i wanna crawl out of my skin [entries|friends|calendar]
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um whoa. [Sunday, October 8th, 2006]
[ mood | existing ]

i had totally forgotten about this thing. weird, isn't it? i came back and was looking through all this stuff...really freaked me out. anyway, i thought i'd write again for old time's sake.

i'm a freshman at ASU now. it's pretty amazing. i'm rooming with lauren, and we get along well. i have this compulsive need to clean every other day. sean and i had our half year anniversary yesterday, but we kind of forgot about it. we spent it watching the office in his dorm room all day. i love my classes, especially my photo class. it's great.

i've got a lot of things that i currently want to buy. namely, i want to buy a lensbaby and i want to start building a charity charm bracelet. i would probably start one and then buy a new charm every month. i'd start getting a hold of these things now, however, i have no money.

i've been super into lost lately. it's amazing. the season three premiere was, pretty much, the greatest hour of my life.

other than that, i just miss my family. i see them every so often though, so i suppose that's good. at least i'm still in state. anyway...comment if you want. haha. that is, if anyone even reads this.

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just one of those days [Monday, January 9th, 2006]
i had an awesome day, because i decided to be efficient and get every little piece of crap thing that i've been putting off since god knows when, finished. meaning- i emailed mom about interact tshirt prices, i picked and maximized my scholarship photo choices, i organized my photo folder, cleaned out mydocuments, set up my HPA and econ notebooks, looked into the humane society's volunteer opportunities, cleaned off my cf cards, cleaned my room, and deleted norton, which was wreaking havoc on my computer.

i feel good. it's off to go read some freakonomics.

OH by the way, i recently bought a new pair of jeans! miss sixty, and from buffalo. i also got a ring and a necklace, as well as a jacket and bracelet from urban outfitters.

an update on my life [Saturday, November 26th, 2005]
  • for two weeks, my parents secretly monitored my driving habits by putting a computer chip in my car. they werent happy with what they were seeing, so i lost my car for a week. after getting it back, they installed an alarm that beeps 5 of the most annoying beeps imaginable when i brake or accelerate too hard. its still in, but i hope that it will soon be gone.
  • thanksgiving was really good. i didn't get irritated by my family once.
  • im almost completely positive that i am going to ASU. hopefully barrett honors college, if i am accepted.
  • my birthday is coming up on the third. yes, i'll be 17. what an accomplishment! -eye roll-
  • school is still as stressful as ever. now all i see is a looming calc BC AP test. gag.
  • i bought a scarf today, and it makes me ridiculously happy.
  • i saw walk the line today with lauren and hana. while it was a good movie, and interesting, it was just too damn long. haha. i'd reccomend it if you feel like sitting. on the subject of movies, i got a pizza at the movies today. there was too much sauce on it, but all in all it was better than i expected it to be. just in case you were wondering. :D
  • i love myspace. i have a new myspace picture, and i love myspace.
  • @#*%&!

    you're a million ways to be cruel [Thursday, September 22nd, 2005]
    i miss new york. i want to go back to a big city like that. phoenix is grand, its just so spread out.
    i can't find my tripod.
    i love taking photos. no matter what happens, i'm going to do it for the rest of my life.

    some new shots. possibly more later.Collapse )

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    [Saturday, September 17th, 2005]
    i want to crawl out of my skin
    apologize for all my sins

    hooray for the madness, we are better by design [Thursday, September 8th, 2005]
    [ mood | bouncy. ]

    i redid my layout, and i absolutely love it. yes, im a geek. and yes, i enjoy stupid humor. :D & simplicity. plus this color... yes. this is a good layout. i want to redo my myspace...but i cant think of what i want to do with it.

    today mckinney wain threatened to write me up twice. but for stupid things, and she was kidding mostly. the first time was for the arm things that ben was making on lauren hana and i. lauren and i asked for them. the second time she just wanted to for fun, for dress code. she's so funny. i love her. and 6th hour, lauren and i finally finished senior mosts. so that was quite exciting. i'm so freakin psyched to see who wins them. like f'reals.


    tomorrow is the first football game! i get to sing the anthem for it. im really happy about that. because i dont get to sing often. so that's really exciting for me. and then the frosh mixer. work on saturday, and then cody kopp's show. i get to take pictures there too! score.

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    suddenly my life doesn't seem such a waste [Monday, August 29th, 2005]
    [ mood | awake ]

    i got to go on a real live photo shoot on sunday! ken was doing a shoot for some yoga wear and so i got to go along and be an assistant. that was so awesome.

    school is school, you know? i've been staying awake in class beause of my puzzle ring. i have to get more of them though, because i'm getting better at the one that i have. my schedule is nice though, with the exception of econ. and the fact that i don't get to sing every day anymore. i miss that.

    i took a nap tonight, 2.5 hours. oh glory. that was so nice.

    i'm going to re-dye my hair soon. its fading and lame. i'm thinking routinely, once a month sounds good.


    i'm bored. [Thursday, August 11th, 2005]
    [ mood | bored ]

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    [Wednesday, August 10th, 2005]
    [ mood | lonely ]

    today i had a real photography job. i took kelsey's photos for her modeling card. they turned out well, and that makes me really happy.

    i had to stay in tonight, and no one came to visit me. or at least it appears that no one is going to come visit me. thats okay though, i guess. i cleaned my whole room [like, i really cleaned it. read: organized underwear drawer, cleaned out jewelry, purged bathroom supplies]. and i watched some good tv. ok, so its not as fun as going out with or hanging out with friends, but theres not much i can do.

    ugh. i can't believe its 11:20 and im in the house. and i have been all night.
    and i didn't get to watch strictly ballroom. :(



    [Saturday, July 23rd, 2005]
    [ mood | bored ]

    in creative communities, like photography communities, i simply like to look at what people have to show. i could care less about the comments they get on what they post. unless their photos are really bad. then i enjoy looking at how people tell them that they're really bad. its interesting to see how people deliver bad news.


    lol. [Tuesday, July 19th, 2005]
    so we have these people over to our house once every two weeks to do an intense clean, right? and i dont mean this offensively at all, but they're mexicans. and when they come over, they usually bring their two daughters, and max likes to play with them while i do mom's chores. so i walk in to his room today after hosing the patio, and the littlest one is singing to an R&B video on the power 92.3 website. she's like eight, and she knew all the words. and then the older girl, who is probably about ten, was wearing this shirt that said "momma's lil' thug." they were pretty much the coolest things i've seen in a while.
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    [Tuesday, July 19th, 2005]
    it's really late. i need to get to sleep. i hope i dont have to work tomorrow.

    i can hear my tv in my room from the office... its some born again christian testimonial thing on UPN.

    the cruise to alaska was absolutely perfect and amazing. we stopped in three cities, and i can't even begin to explain all the great things that happened on the boat and everywhere else.

    megan and ben and i took pictures tonight. we dressed up like scenesters and felt like posers. it was pretty much awesome. i didn't realize how much i missed doing shoots with people. so that was fun. we also went to in n out and met hana and marta (sp?). she was really nice, and really pretty too. i love her hair.

    speaking of hair, i want to re-dye mine darker. its kind of gone away.

    warped tour [Thursday, June 30th, 2005]
    [ mood | efficient ]

    warped tour was so cool. lauren and i got there, and we just kind of walked around for a bit, feeling the scene and what not. the first band we went to was d.o.r.k., this cute band from colorado. they were on the small stage, but they were really adorable. then lauren wanted to go mosh, so we went into the back of the crowd for the offspring [by the way, they were one of the best performers]. kept walking around for a while, lauren tried to catch a candy in her mouth to get a free cd, but instead got soaked by a guy with a water gun. just chilled for a bit, and sat down for a while. we saw quite a few people we knew!

    then we went to fall out boy, which was pretty much awesome. they were the only band that i could really sing along with all their songs. listened to all american rejects in the stage next to us, then we went to get some food. sat in the stands for a while [during the starting line and dropkick murphies] before we got the energy to get up. so we bought our food, then walked around looking for free stuff. we met the lead singer of d.o.r.k. at this point, too, and he was really fun. SO! my chemical romance. we went back into the crowd for that, and that was pretty much scary as all hell. everyone went crazy, and no one could stand up.

    ok so up to this point, lauren had kind of been mentioning that she wanted to crowd surf, so i asked these two guys if they would lift her up, and they agreed. lauren goes up in the air, is surfing for about 4 seconds, and then disappears. she starts making her way back, but by then the guys had lifted me up too, so i was going farther away from her. i get back to lauren and she looks kind of dazed... as it is, she got dropped on her head and blacked out for a second. she starts saying things like "243" and "Caitlin Oliver," so i decided that maybe we should get out of the dense parts of the crowd. we wait by the exit during the transplants, then leave. it was great.

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    its not enough to hear me say you've won [Wednesday, June 29th, 2005]
    [ mood | sleepy ]

    FIRST OF ALL!: rocky point photos!
    second: i. had. THE. worst. dream. last. night.

    i was in the safeway parking lot, but in my dream it was the school parking lot. i had to take molly kleinz home, and she had to get home soon, but when we got out to my car, there were these huge dents in the front and side, and it had been coated with streamers and colored paint. lauren gannon was standing by it and she said "wow, they would have done worse had I not showed up." i somehow found out that it was kellen and nick londeree that did it, so i drove around looking for them in the parking lot until i found them. i started screaming and cussing and crying at them, and kellen started to feel bad. i took molly home, but i was still really upset and still really crying, so i went into her house. her mom tried to make me feel better, but her mom wasn't her mom, it was ben's mom. ADDITIONALLY, towards the beginning of this dream, i had been given an injection to allow the people to see whether i was the "chosen one" or not, and it made my teeth pop backwards and forwards in my mouth. and whats MORE, mo couldn't find her sister so she had me call every papa john's in the valley looking for her.

    the car part was the last part of my dream, and i woke up in tears. it was awful.

    but! some funny connections. the parking lot was at safeway because our parking lot is already torn up. the injection thing was because lauren and i watched pulp fiction last night. the teeth popping back and forth was because i wore my retainer for the first time in a while and it was uncomfortable.

    warped tour is today! news on that later.

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    [Saturday, June 18th, 2005]
    [ mood | silly ]

    SUMMER: a poem.
    (not seriously)


    are good.

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