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its not enough to hear me say you've won

FIRST OF ALL!: rocky point photos!
second: i. had. THE. worst. dream. last. night.

i was in the safeway parking lot, but in my dream it was the school parking lot. i had to take molly kleinz home, and she had to get home soon, but when we got out to my car, there were these huge dents in the front and side, and it had been coated with streamers and colored paint. lauren gannon was standing by it and she said "wow, they would have done worse had I not showed up." i somehow found out that it was kellen and nick londeree that did it, so i drove around looking for them in the parking lot until i found them. i started screaming and cussing and crying at them, and kellen started to feel bad. i took molly home, but i was still really upset and still really crying, so i went into her house. her mom tried to make me feel better, but her mom wasn't her mom, it was ben's mom. ADDITIONALLY, towards the beginning of this dream, i had been given an injection to allow the people to see whether i was the "chosen one" or not, and it made my teeth pop backwards and forwards in my mouth. and whats MORE, mo couldn't find her sister so she had me call every papa john's in the valley looking for her.

the car part was the last part of my dream, and i woke up in tears. it was awful.

but! some funny connections. the parking lot was at safeway because our parking lot is already torn up. the injection thing was because lauren and i watched pulp fiction last night. the teeth popping back and forth was because i wore my retainer for the first time in a while and it was uncomfortable.

warped tour is today! news on that later.
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that was probably the most random/weird dream i have ever heard. ever.
but it was just a dream and your cars okay.

hows the rest of your summer been so far?
summer has been pretty awesome. i've been working for my mom and at the coffee shop too, so thats been nice.

how about you?
first of all, your pics are wicked cool, as always.
secondly, thats the most fucked up dream ive heard in a long time lol.
thirdly, i wanna go to warped tour. grr.
love and miss you!
thank you :D
i know isnt that dream horrifying!!

hey, if you email me the address of your hotel, im gonna try to put together a box of stuff for you before i leave for the cruise.