S4R4H !! (lastdecember) wrote,
S4R4H !!

just one of those days

i had an awesome day, because i decided to be efficient and get every little piece of crap thing that i've been putting off since god knows when, finished. meaning- i emailed mom about interact tshirt prices, i picked and maximized my scholarship photo choices, i organized my photo folder, cleaned out mydocuments, set up my HPA and econ notebooks, looked into the humane society's volunteer opportunities, cleaned off my cf cards, cleaned my room, and deleted norton, which was wreaking havoc on my computer.

i feel good. it's off to go read some freakonomics.

OH by the way, i recently bought a new pair of jeans! miss sixty, and from buffalo. i also got a ring and a necklace, as well as a jacket and bracelet from urban outfitters.
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